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Data Analytics

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Backbone’s data analytics services connect the dots between media platforms, web analytics, e-commerce storefronts, retail platforms, measurement tools, and more, to find actionable insights and inform higher-level strategies. Our hands-on analytics experts ensure that data is reliable and decipherable by taking data from multiple sources and building centralized and tailored cross-channel reporting dashboards. Further, we support web tracking efforts to verify accuracy and stay ahead of the rapidly changing digital landscape. Backbone uses in-house testing and modeling capabilities and works well with third-party partners to achieve goals.

What we offer

Automated Data Integration and Modeling
Live, Cross-Channel Tableau Reporting
Marketing Intelligence and Data Visualization
Outdoor Industry Benchmarking
E-Commerce Trend Reporting
Media Mix Measurement (MMM)
Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)
Incrementality Testing & Modeling
Lift Testing
Creative Testing
Spend Optimization
E-Commerce Shopify Insights
Tag and Pixel Support
Web Analytics Support for Google Analytics (GA4) and Adobe Analytics
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