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At a time when marketers have nearly endless amounts of data at their fingertips, we ground our approach in real-world, human insights and industry-relevant data points. Our team of strategists and platform experts collaborate constantly with our in-house analysts and data wranglers to turn data inputs into insights into action. How do we do it? We're in the business of building relationships with humans. We form teams of audience experts and media professionals who never take the easy way out. We’re equally inspired by data and real-world experiences. We’re a team of specialists of stoke who never lose sight of the big picture: driving results and building community.

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07 Dec 22
1 min read

Cyber Week E-Commerce Trends

Backbone’s analytics team dug into the data and identified key 2022 Cyber Week e-commerce trends. Read the report, below.

19 Apr 22
6 min read

2022 Spring and Summer Travel Trends

Throughout the past two years, the travel and tourism industry has experienced heavy turbulence. From lockdowns and stringent COVID testing requirements early in the pandemic, to an overwhelming rebound, overcrowding, hospitality staffing challenges and a return to air travel in subsequent months, a sense of normalcy has been hard to find.

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