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We’ve landed niche brands in mainstream media and mainstream brands in niche media. We’ve guided brands from tucked-away tradeshow booths to IPO and beyond. We’ve sat at the intersection of commerce and editorial for years and excelled in the grey area. The common element? We build relationships — between brands and consumers, and between our agency and the media. We build relationships with journalists, editors and freelancers that go beyond just business acquaintances. They  become friends, comrades and adventure buddies. When they see a Backbone email pop up in their inbox, they take note. We take your message, create authentic stories, and amplify those stories through our network of outdoor and mainstream partners. That’s how we make sure your stories are heard. 

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Brand Storytelling
Campaign Concepting
Crisis Management
Messaging Development
Product Placement
Product Seeding
Media Training
Media Events
Client Tradeshows
Coverage Monitoring
Tracking Against KPIs
Competitor Tracking
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Public Relations Insights

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10 Mar 22
6 min read

The Return of Relationships: 2021 Media Trends

As Backbone and our clients are off and running into 2022, we are looking back on 2021 media trends and taking stock of the challenges, successes, changes and patterns that will inform how we approach future campaigns.

08 Jul 21
3 min read

Are Desksides Dead? Post-Pandemic Media Events

Now that in-person media events are making a comeback, how are they going to be different post-pandemic, and what are key elements to keep in mind when planning, executing, or attending in-person media events?

17 Apr 20
4 min read

Trends Across Active Lifestyle Media and Advertising

As an agency that partners with over 60 leading lifestyle brands, we’ve had a front row seat to see the impacts of the global pandemic on supply chains, travel and tourism, retail stores, e-commerce, media consumption and more. While the situation continues to change daily, some of the dust has begun to settle and we’ve taken a minute to compile some of the data, research and observations from our team working with brands and media every day.

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